Oklahoma Natural Gas Heating Program and Rebate


Customers can receive an incentive of $50 for installing a new natural gas furnace or boiler with an efficiency of 95%. The purchase and installation of equipment can qualify the customers for a rebate of $550. Replacing an electric furnace …

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Oklahoma Natural Gas Average Payment Plan


Find an option that fits your budget! Receive and pay your natural gas bill with ease, as Oklahoma Natural Gas provides you multiple ways to get your bill. You choose your plan, according to your convenience. What is an Average …

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Oklahoma Natural Gas Safe Digging


You can become a dig hero! Always call 811 before starting any project near a natural gas pipeline. You can start digging after the project has been deemed safe by experts and your project area has been marked. Who Should …

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Understanding Oklahoma Natural Gas Bill (ONG Bill)


Demystify your monthly bill. At Oklahoma Natural Gas, to ease the process of bill payment for its customers, listed below you will find helpful tips that will let you decide how your monthly bill is calculated. What is the ONG Rate Structure? …

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Oklahoma Natural Gas: Important FAQs


Oklahoma Natural Gas is dedicated towards the cause of providing safe and environment-friendly energy resources. The mission is simple, that is, to deliver natural gas for a better tomorrow. Keeping in mind ONG’s mission statement we try to ensure safe …

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Oklahoma Natural Gas Safety Guidelines


Listed below are some of the safety measures that you must be aware off while using or installing the Oklahoma Natural gas at your home / building / office. Once ONG pipeline, meters and other assets have been installed, you …

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Carbon Monoxide Safety – Oklahoma Natural Gas


Natural gas appliances don’t only supply energy to your homes efficiently, but are also easy on the pocket. With natural gas you can accomplish daily tasks, such as heating your homes, preparing food, heating your water, etc. without disrupting your …

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