How New Home Builders Can Get Rebate With Oklahoma Natural Gas?

A piece of good news to all Oklahoma Natural Gas customers. The customers who have installed natural gas clothes dryer outlets in their homes are eligible for $100 rebates. A rebate of $750 is available for customers who connected their newly constructed homes with Oklahoma Natural Gas, subject to the following conditions:

Newly constructed homes, 2000 sq. feet and above, should have-

  • The primary heat source of natural gas heating should have 92% or higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE).
  • Primary natural gas water heating.
  • Another natural gas appliance, apart from the water heating, should be installed already.
  • At least one additional natural gas outlet, i.e. a minimum of one for a total of four.

Newly constructed homes, below 2000 sq. feet in area, should have-

  • The primary heat source of natural gas heating should have 92% or higher AFUE.
  • Primary natural gas water heating.
  • At least one additional natural gas outlet, i.e. a minimum of one for a total of three.

How to Get Rebate with Oklahoma Natural Gas?


The homebuilder should take the following steps:

  • Before the installation of sheetrock, customers should contact Oklahoma Natural Gas New Home Program consultants to enroll in the program.
  • Your completed program enrollment form has to be provided to the consultant and will have to be approved by Oklahoma Natural Gas.
  • Complete plans (to scale) of the house and complete builder profile should be submitted to Oklahoma Natural Gas.
  • A thermal bypass inspection will be conducted after customers contact Oklahoma Natural Gas.

A certified Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Home Energy Rater, approved by Oklahoma Natural Gas, will carry out the final inspection.

Within 90 days of the final inspection, customers should submit the following to Oklahoma Natural Gas:

  • The rebate form was duly filled.
  • Completed IRS Form W-9
  • Certified RESNET Home Energy Rater should submit the following to Oklahoma Natural Gas – Energy Verification Summary, Invoice, Energy Sticker (HERSⓇ Index Rating should be 70 or less)

The completed rebate form, along with copies of the required documents listed above should be mailed to the following address:

Oklahoma Natural Gas
Energy Efficiency Program
Attn: Lucy Martinez
401 N. Harvey
Oklahoma City, OK 73012

You can also fax them to 405-552-1839 or email them to

Who all are eligible for Oklahoma Natural Gas Rebate

  • The ideal target audience for the incentives are customers who have newly built and individually metered residential homes.
  • Construction practices should adhere to the guidelines for energy efficiency set by the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) of 2009.
  • Energy Star-rated windows and slab insulation is necessary during construction.

Other Important Information

  • Oklahoma Natural Gas reserves the right to reject ratings granted by a third party.
  • Current and prospective customers of Oklahoma Natural Gas can avail of the option of rebates.
  • Rebates will only be granted for qualified natural gas equipment.
  • Oklahoma Natural Gas advises customers to thoroughly review all program eligibility requirements.
  • Rebate checks are mailed to recipients approximately after six to eight weeks of receiving approval and are subject to the availability of program funds.
  • Oklahoma Natural Gas will review and process completed applications only, on a first-come, first-serve basis, till the program funds are exhausted.

So, the customers can check the above-mentioned points and see which is the best option to get a rebate. They can follow the instructions mentioned on this website and get a rebate.

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