Understanding Oklahoma Natural Gas Bill (ONG Bill)

Demystify your monthly bill. At Oklahoma Natural Gas, to ease the process of bill payment for its customers, listed below you will find helpful tips that will let you decide how your monthly bill is calculated.

What is the ONG Rate Structure?

The Oklahoma Natural Gas residential rate structure is easy to understand due to its straightforward nature. Our plans are based on individual natural gas consumption and nothing else. Customers can choose between the two different rate plans, depending on their consumption requirements.

Have a look at the rate plans offered:

●        This plan is suitable for customers whose yearly consumption is less than 50 Dekatherms (low-volume consumption). ●        This plan is suitable for customers whose yearly consumption is more than 50 Dekatherms (large-volume).
●        Monthly service charge: $16.21 ●        Monthly service charge: $33.25
●        Delivery charge per Dekatherm: $4.1143 ●        Delivery charge per Dekatherm: No charges

*A Dekatherm refers to the unit measuring energy content. One Dekatherm is approximately equal to the energy content of 1000 cubic feet of natural gas.


Please note that the charges included in the above-mentioned rate plans consider the service and delivery charges levied by Oklahoma Natural Gas. The cost of natural gas, or the fuel you consume, is separate and dependent on the amount Oklahoma Natural Gas pays to the natural gas supplier on behalf of the customer. No profits are made by the company on the sale of natural gas.

A Guide to ONG Bill

Provided here is a key to understand corresponding sections present in your monthly bill:

  1. Listed in this section are the various methods to contact Oklahoma Natural Gas services. You will find the number of Information Center, the emergency contact for natural gas leak, Oklahoma Natural Gas’ official website, and the customer inquiry address.
  2. The total bill amount and all the information related to your Oklahoma Natural Gas Account is present here.
  3. A month-by-month account of total Energy Usage for the past 13 months.
  4. Detailed summary of rates and charges levied.
  5. The Natural Gas Usage Information for the billing period.
  6. Contribution box for ‘Share the Warmth Program’ overseen by the Salvation Army. This box needs to be checked if you wish to contribute to the program.

What are the Different Charges Marked on My Bill?

Cost of Gas (COG)

Cost of Gas (known as Cost of Fuel in Oklahoma) is the total cost that is paid by the company for buying the natural gas, in addition to storing and transporting it. Other charges may be included in the COG, with approval from the appropriate regulatory authority. The company does not mark up the cost of the gas, in compliance with the statutes and regulations of the state.

Customer Charge or Service Charge

The Customer or Service Charge levied help in recovering the fixed cost that is paid to the natural gas service. The services included in the fixed cost are bill processing, meter reading, meter equipment, service line maintenance, and customer care service.

Delivery Charge

Delivery charge is a monthly amount customers pay in lieu of natural gas being delivered directly to their residence or business. The monthly amount is dependent on the billed gas usage and can vary.

Cost of Service (Oklahoma)

The delivery charge and service charge, together, make up the cost of service. Additional fees are also included in the cost of service to ensure that gas and related services are readily available to the customers.

MDQ Fee (Oklahoma)

MDQ Fee stands for Maximum Daily Quantity Fee. A specific portion of this cost is dedicated towards ensuring that the company is able to meet the demands of the customers during peak hours. This charge is levied only on specific rates.

Temperature Adjustment/ TAC (Oklahoma)

Temperature Adjustment is used to regulate your bill according to the variation in weather conditions and is dependent on historical weather data. If the weather is colder than usual, then the bill is reduced and if it is warmer the bill is increased.

Riders and Other Fee

Some expenses are charged to ensure that service is available to customers whenever required. These charges are not included in the regular rates as they might vary.

Franchise Fee

Oklahoma Natural Gas pays a fee to a municipality for the right to operate in a city and utilize its right-of-way for our pipelines. Franchise elections are held, at regular intervals, to decide whether ONG officials can retain this privilege. This cost is borne by the company, entirely.

Units of Measure

  • Ccf: Abbreviated form of 100 cubic feet.
  • Mcf: Abbreviated form of 1000 cubic feet.
  • Dth: Abbreviated form of 1,000,000 Btu’s (1MMBtu)
  • Btu Adjustment (Oklahoma): It stands for British thermal units and measures the heating value of natural gas. This adjustment is used for the heat content of natural gas.
  • Constant: A unit for measuring pressure factor or meter factor, it helps to convert the metered volume to bill volume.

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